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CANVAS JAM at Bedlam Lowertown


Bedlam Lowertown
213 4th St E 55101 Saint Paul United States
SATURDAY, MAY 28th, 6-9pm

Set Times: ( Musician + Artist )


9pm: Live Art Auction!! (bid to purhase the art created on site!)

"CANVAS JAM" is a community of creative visual artists and musicians who come together to put on free art/music events. Our events feature 3 separate visual artists and 3 separate singer/songwriters (or small duo/trio). While each musician(or musical group) performs exactly 45 minutes of their original material, a different visual artist creates a new work inspired by the live music. The completed art pieces are auctioned off to the highest bidder in the room following the final performance. Artists will also have other works on display for purchase. Musicians play their hearts out to earn tips and sell CDs/merch.

The "CANVAS JAM" community originated in the Fargo (ND) / Moorhead (MN) music scene in the summer of 2012, and went on to produce a series of performances for the local community thanks to a collaboration with our host venue, The Red Raven Espresso Parlor. Founding member and lead organizer / promoter Chase D. Burkhart eventually relocated to the Twin Cities with the intention of hosting CANVAS JAM events on a regular basis throughout the metro. BEDLAM LOWERTOWN has proven to be the perfect venue for our cause, and we are extremely grateful to them for hosting our current events.



I discovered a love for painting on March 11, 2014. It was the day that 311's album "Stereolithic" came out. The timing was perfect. My kids were on a week-long road trip with their dad to South Dakota (from here in Blaine, Minnesota) for Spring Break, and I decided I was ready to branch out of my comfort zone (as I had been a pencil-only artist for years, doing mostly portrait commission work) and I splurged on a tabletop easel, a few small canvases and some acrylic paint.

I came across a gorgeous colorful tidal wave photo online, set up my supplies, put in my new CD and got started. I started painting with the first song, and I finished with the last! It felt very divinely guided. I fell in love with painting. I fell in love with the freedom and the fullness of possibilities. It was then that I knew that I was done with pencil and was stepping into a whole new world full of life, love and color!

In 2015 I began using oils and working on a larger scale. This was also when I was experimenting and developing my own style. I love working from stunning photography (with the photographer's permission, of course), and adding my own twist of shapes and colors.

I am so thankful to have the amazing support of friends, family, fellow artists, and everyone who has taken an interest in my art. I am ready for, and excited to see, what the coming years will bring!



Amanda Standalone is an award winning singer, songwriter, performer, and composer of music based in the American folk tradition. A singer and multi instrumentalist ( piano, guitar, washtub bass, fiddle, accordion, etc.), she has performed all over the midwest, and seeks only to venture further. Her band Amanda Standalone and the Pastryshop Girls based out of the Moorhead/ Fargo Minnesota area released the original album " Millions of Blackbirds" in 2011, and have recently sold a song for the HBO documentary "Paycheck to Paycheck:The Life and Times of Katrina Gilbert." Amanda is currently working on a solo album to be released in the fall of 2014



The Blacksmith’s Daughters are forging music for the soul. Recently formed in 2015, the band was tempered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They believe that music should be taken as medicine: the purpose instead of noise and the peaceful over obnoxious. Their songs make observations about the natural world that arouse curiosity to make you want to DO SOMETHING!

Like the elements themselves each song they smith is unique therefore The Blacksmith’s Daughters use a variety of instruments and musicians to create their individual sound. The four pillars of the band are the two blacksmith’s daughters, Annella and Julida Kochanowski and ironclad musicians Brent Platta and Sean Alter.

If you are curious to learn more about the initial inspiration for the band’s name go to Boleslaw Kochanowski Wrought Iron at http://www.boleslawkochanowski.com/ or the band’s webpage at http://theblacksmithsdaughters.com/


Guillermo Valadez is a talented young artist born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Inspired by a revolving door of fellow artists like himself, Guillermo's work has been featured in a colletion of murals in Las Vegas, Mexico, Saint Paul, and Minneapolis. He seems to be right at home in any outdoor artistic enviornment. Recently Guillermo has been creating body art on beautiful woman.. Ah, the life of an artist!!! When asked about his creative process, he had this to say:

"My process for creating my artistic skills in high quality is to come up with ideas and brainstorm a project for creating it...i like to think outside the box always..my expression is having unique styles and experiences as a human into my art that i paint....my inspiration is stepping back to my work and art being painting on a wall,canvas,buildings,signs etc..."


Based in Minneapolis, the Midwest Coast is a blend of acoustic, jazz, and folk music. Led by singer/songwriter John Schreier, the sound is surprisingly soulful for a bunch of midwestern boys. All five musicians are classically trained in jazz and music theory, and each adds a unique variety of textures. John's voice is diverse and dynamic, at times belting, other times sweet and sensual, and once in a while a melodic whistle. His lyrics are poetically crafted and relatable, tackling everything from the angst of youth, to heartbreak, and even Star Trek.